Alaska Scientific

Alaska Scientific, Inc. is a Medical Laboratory Supply company, in business since December 26, 1989. We serve hospital and physician's office laboratories from our office and warehouse in Anchorage. Anchorage is the population center of Alaska, where it is the Air Cargo distribution hub for the State, and the Pacific Rim. Both FedEx and UPS have their international distribution centers here to take advantage of our strategic position on the globe. We are roughly equidistant from Asia, Europe and the USA.

We stock a sufficient variety of supplies to cover the daily needs of the average medical group or small hospital lab. We store and ship refrigerated, frozen and Haz-Mat items all over the state and can ship to almost anywhere. We are in contact with manufacturers throughout the USA who can quickly ship by air or sea the products we don't have immediately in stock.

Professional Affiliations

The US Chamber of Commerce (Member Since: April 1992)

CLSA (Clinical Laboratory Scientists of Alaska

ASCLS (American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science)

NDC (National Distributing and Contracting)


Del Salyer, the proprietor of Alaska Scientific, Inc. has worked in the medical laboratory field for over thirty years.  He is widely known and respected throughout the Alaskan Medical Lab community.  He has a passion for keeping up with emerging technology and finding new products that Alaskan customers would like to use in their labs.

Kim Minnery has been with us since 1999.  She is our operations manager, head bookkeeper and chief accounting problem solver.  Also in her tenure at Alaska Scientific, Inc. she has developed expertise in on-the-spot drug testing products.  She would be happy to help your company set up policies and procedures for your own in-house drug testing program. 

Sharlane Donaldson, MT, Technical Sales Specialist, has been with us since 1996, with a brief interruption as the solo tech in the lab at Cross Roads Medical in Glennallen.  For many years Sharlane has been active in our state’s professional association, Clinical Laboratory Scientists of Alaska.  Her clinical experience includes running a laboratory in rural Alaska for three decades.  At Alaska Scientific, she has been helping customers with everything from new lab start-ups, to finding them the best equipment for a specific purpose. 

Beth Putman, Customer Service/Purchasing/Inventory Control.  Beth has been graciously taking customer calls, and helping people with orders since 2005.  Beth quickly learns customer’s names and preferences, conducting business over the phone with a delightful sense of humor.  Many customers know her and ask for her by name when they call.

Zhenya Ogorodnikov, Bookkeeping/Warehouse.  Zhenya wears two hats at Alaska Scientific.  As bookkeeper he makes sure our accounts are accurate and our vendors get paid on time.  In his Shipping/Receiving capacity he makes sure our customers get their orders filled accurately and on time.  Zhenya has successfully completed training to become certified to ship hazardous materials.  Also we are fortunate to have him as our first line go-to guy for computer and cell phone questions.

Alaska Scientific, Inc. | Twenty years of service to Alaskans!